The Bone Collector

I’m always very excited to share new toys with you – this week I’ve been playing with my latest acquisition – the Boneview. In short, it is a little SD card reader that plugs into your phone, allowing you to view trailcam images immediately in the field.


I paid $20 for it, and $10 for the case (so all-in, around £20 in real money). You could, of course, forego the case, but I personally wouldn’t want the card reader floating around in the bottom of my pack getting full of gubbins. I picked up my Boneview and its case  in the US, but you can get them on eBay here in the UK.)

And hold the phone if you’re thinking this is a gimmick – because you may be thinking why can’t I just wait until I get home to look at my captures? I’ll tell you:

The biggest advantage for me is because I use trailcams without a display screen, so I can’t check my alignment. With the Boneview, I can set my camera, let it trigger, and test the angle of my camera in the field and realign until I’m happy. Take a look below (left is before the Boneview, right is this week’s footage after I checked my alignment .) I got the full sett entrance in the field of view, which I missed the week before. It takes the guesswork out of camera positioning.


It’s available for iOS and Android (and the Android version even comes with the converter for new Android phones). The software (ES File Explorer) is free to download. You can set it so that as soon as you plug in the Boneview, the app automatically opens up. It’s super easy to use, and for 20 quid, I’m completely sold on this awesome bit of field kit.


One last thing is how QUICK it is – check out the video below (un-edited) from the time I plug in the unit to the time I see my first full-frame badger photo is less than 20 seconds.

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