How not to poke a bat in the face.

In anticipation of buying a shedload of kit for my Urban Bat Project, I decided to run a series of day courses to raise funds for mist nets and the like: Introduction to Bat Endoscope Surveys. I delivered the first of four workshops yesterday, which (although did not result in any bat records) we had a great time indoors and out, squeezing a pub lunch in between!

We started with an indoor (pub, obvs) session looking at legislation around endoscoping, what constitutes disturbance, and when is a licence applicable (and what level!), followed by a bit about survey planning, equipment, biological recording and endoscoping principles and techniques, before finally moving on to looking at some potential roost feature types.

After a pub lunch, we then headed outside for an afternoon of practical experience in a nearby LNR, looking at assessment, techniques, recording using GPS and lots and lots of inspection of low-level potential roost features. Everyone got nice and muddy. I sat on a log and got my bum wet. Proper ecology.

Looking forward to workshop number 2 next week! I still have 3 places left on Workshop 4, on the 24th February, so message me if interested!

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