It’s been a crazy summer for me, and I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit, and you’ll soon see why with big things coming up, but I thought I’d post an update on the badgery goodness at Hogsmeade. Those of you who follow my instagram account will have been seeing videos and pics all summer of the antics of our favourite stripey-faced lunatics.


We know that 3 sows gave birth to 6 cubs (the dominant sow had 3, a subordinate sow had 2 and One Eyed Bager (a girl! who knew?!) had 1 rather large cub. Sadly, one cub was found collapsed on a path and was euthanised by the RSPCA shortly thereafter. The cause of its collapse was unknown. We also know that one badger was killed on the nearby road this year. This means that with 4 adults being seen at any one time, plus two uniquely identifiable adults, plus 6 cubs, minus two fatalities – we THINK there are currently 10 badgers on site. As you can see from the photo below, the cubs are enormous now and doing very well!


And they’re pretty active: foraging, playing, wrestling, chasing, allo-grooming, bum-pressing and all manner of badgery things. As a matter of fact, pretty much all we see of them these days is this…


We also had a bit of drama this year, as One Eyed Badger appeared to have been hit by a car (unsurprisingly, on her blind side), with what looked like a severe injury to her hind leg. She lost a dramatic amount of weight and carried her leg under her for weeks, unable to put it down, and I was convinced she was going to die. But she is one tough cookie, and this (below) is her this week – all four feet on the ground (still limping a little) and back up to a healthy pre-winter weight.


I’ve loads more to share from a whole summer of bat and badger surveys, so more to come at the weekend. x

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