The 100

Just a quick update on how my bird list is going – I’ve managed, over the last few weeks, to break the 100 barrier (phew!) and now have my sights on 120 as my next goal. A bit of a whirlwind trip to Rutland Water firmly put me into the next century, with an amazing life tick – a nightingale! You can hear a bit more about the Rutland Water adventure in the 2nd and 3rd episodes of the Darwin’s Dolls podcast (in the column to the left, or on iTunes and Stitcher).


98. Pochard
99. Garden Warbler
100. Egyptian Goose
101. Greenshank
102. Ringed Plover
103. Dunlin
104. Sanderling
105. Greater Black Blacked Gull


106. Cetti’s Warbler
107. Nightingale
108. Osprey


In the couple of weeks since, my focus has mainly been on bats, with the start of Batlas survey season for BrumBats, and the beginning of mist netting season (blog post coming up!), however I did get three birds whilst working away doing newt surveys and other stuff for work:

109. Whitethroat
110. Red Legged Partridge
111. Barn Owl

So there you go – 111 birds so far, and there are still a few relatively common ones that I haven’t yet seen (kingfisher, some common ducks, etc.) but I can imagine the wheels really grinding to a halt unless I start planning some more excursions! I’d really like to reach 150 this year, and to bring my life list up closer to 200, which would be a great achievement!

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