Listing (Part 2: Birds 79-97)

So things are starting to get a little harder. Once you hit around 75, it’s like someone’s slammed on your birding brakes and each new bird is that little bit more work. I decided to get in a weekend of serious birding. (Well, serious for ME anyway…) First off was getting up early for Black Grouse lekking in Wales. On the moors was where I saw birds 79-82:

Black Grouse
Black Grouse

79. Cuckoo
80. Black Grouse
81. Hen Harrier
82. Raven

Listening to the Black Grouse calling at 6am in such a remote location (covered in hail and snow as you can see!) was pretty spectacular. I did a video on my phone in which you can hear the sounds and get a feel for the spooky atmosphere:

Then we embarked on a 2-hour drive to Anglesey, where birds 83-90 were all seen at South Stack RSPB (with a cheeky Black Guillemot in Holyhead harbour!)

83. Fulmar
84. Razorbill
85. Guillemot
86. Puffin

Sea bird colony at South Stack
Sea bird colony at South Stack

87. Chough
88. Meadow Pipit
89. Linnet
90. Black Guillemot

Meadow Pipit
Meadow Pipit

Then, on the way back to our campsite at Pistyll Rheadr, we stopped at RSPB Conwy, but only managed to add:

91. Yellow Wagtail
92. Whimbrel

Birds 92 – 94 were all seen in and around Lake Vyrnwy, Wales:

93. Pied Flycatcher
94. Grey Wagtail
95. Dipper

Pied Flycatcher
Pied Flycatcher

And I entirely accidentally came across two more birds this week. The first on a bush near a railway station, and the second on a roundabout, both in Milton Keynes:

96. Whitethroat
97. Red-Legged Partridge

So, with 5 to go, Charlene and I have decided that a trip to Rutland Water is in order, and we’re heading off this morning, before heading back to record our next podcast, so hopefully you’ll find out what bird number 100 is when it’s uploaded tomorrow… To be continued…

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