Listing (Part 1: Birds 1-78)

So for those of you who read my recent blog about listing, I thought I’d post a bit of an update on my 2016 year bird list (which I started a bit belatedly in late March). I also briefly mentioned this in the pilot episode of the Darwin’s Dolls Podcast into which we’re going to go into more detail in Episode 2! (If you haven’t listened to it yet, use the player on the left hand side, or you can find it on Stitcher, PlayerFM, Buzzsprout and shortly on iTunes- and let us know what you think! Show notes are in the tabs above.)

But for the time being, here’s the rundown on my first 78 birds – I’m actually up to 95 but that is in Part 2 – which will be posted this weekend (when I pass 100!) So in no particular order, the first 60 were added through work, commuting or general pottering around:

  1. Blue Tit
  2. Great Tit
  3. Long Tailed Tit
  4. Coal Tit
  5. Chaffinch
  6. Bullfinch
  7. Greenfinch
  8. Goldfinch
  9. Black Swan
  10. Mute Swan
  11. Canada Goose
  12. Greylag Goose
  13. Carrion Crow
  14. Jackdaw
  15. Rook
  16. Jay
  17. Magpie
  18. Pied/White Wagtail
  19. Blackbird
  20. Song Thrush
  21. Swallow
  22. Herring Gull
  23. Lesser Black-Backed Gull
  24. Black Headed Gull
  25. Red Kite
  26. Peregrine Falcon
  27. Kestrel
  28. Sparrowhawk
  29. Buzzard
  30. Collared Dove
  31. Wood Pigeon
  32. Rock Pigeon / Feral Pigeon
  33. Stock Dove
  34. Moorhen
  35. Coot
  36. Pheasant
  37. Chiff Chaff
  38. Willow Warbler
  39. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  40. Green Woodpecker
  41. Shelduck
  42. Mallard
  43. Gadwall
  44. Shoveler
  45. Tufted Duck
  46. Skylark
  47. Starling
  48. Snipe
  49. Dunnock
  50. Robin
  51. Stonechat
  52. Goldcrest
  53. Cormorant
  54. Great Crested Grebe
  55. Grey Heron
  56. House Sparrow
  57. Wren
  58. Nuthatch
  59. Lapwing
  60. Reed Bunting

I thought I could do with something spectacular, and so I went to a spot where I know there is a pair of Little Owls nesting for an easy, yet spectacular bird…

61. Little Owl
62. Yellowhammer

Little Owl
Little Owl – can you see him?

…followed by two trips to Middleton Lakes RSPB

63. Swift
64. Little Egret
65. Mediterranean Gull

Mediterranean Gulls
Mediterranean Gulls

66. Little Ringed Plover
67. Redshank
68. Avocet
69. Sedge Warbler
70. Teal
71. Common Sandpiper
72. Blackcap
73. Mistle Thrush
74. Treecreeper
75. House Martin
76. Goosander
77. Sand Martin
78. Common Tern

After getting to this point, my efforts needed to shift a gear. Find out more this weekend! (With lots more photos.) – or you can check out my recent bird photos on instagram or twitter (@TheReremouse)…

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