Basket for Big Ears (Just in time for Easter)

You might remember a post earlier this winter in which I told you about how the Middle Earth Weavers were working on a project with the Brewood Ringers to provide nesting baskets for Long Eared Owls. Based on the dimensions in this study, we created 18 baskets with slewed walls and a simple border out of brown willow.

So a couple of weeks ago I joined members of the Brewood Ringers and the county bird recorder @CountrysideKev to a secret location (one of several in the Black Country & Staffordshire) to install the first of the baskets.  The ringers filled the base of the baskets with upended turf. (Much of the mud will wash away, leaving a matt of dead vegetation – mimicking the nests of magpies or crows – the preferred nesting sites of the Long Eared Owl.)


Once the baskets were prepared, they were secured into places with cable ties inside trees where the species has been known to roost. Now we just have to watch and wait…

You can follow @Brewoodringers onTwitter for updates, or just keep tuned to this channel as you just KNOW I’ll blog about it the day one of the birds nests in one of our baskets!

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