The Crucible. Of Fire Bowls.

Well, not exactly a crucible. For a while now I’ve been using the Grilliput Firebowl for general bushcrafty shenanigans, and although I’ve been delighted with it, and took it across Scotland this summer, one thing was bothering me: the size. The one I got was the XL, which is awesome for camp fire use, and you can get grills that pack flat but pop up over the top to turn the grilliput into a ‘proper’ barbeque. But, if I’m honest, I don’t have ‘proper’ fires anywhere near as often as I’d like, and more often than not, the bowl is used as a nice, stable, off-the-ground base for my Kelly Kettle (which is the Trekker size – 600ml).  So, in the grand scheme of things, the XL firebowl is slight over-kill (and takes up a lot of space in my pack, in spite of the fact that the bowl collapses rather satisfyingly.)

So the smaller ‘standard’ size arrived this week, and my initial unboxing, I’ve got to say, was an excited ‘squeeeee! it’s so cute!’ followed by immense disappointment at its one fatal flaw: The XL firebowl I’d hitherto been using has legs that fold down flat to help it to pack down as neatly as possible. My new, super cute and tiny firebowl has four rather annoying welded-on pegs that don’t fold down, but stick out stubbornly, defeating the object of packing small. You can’t even unscrew them.

I should say, actually, that the standard size is not intended to replace my XL one, which I still intend to use regularly, but in my everyday pack, I’ll be using the standard size.

Anyway, I christened it today and did a few comparison shots so you can see the difference in size, and those annoying feet. (I am still deciding whether to drill them out and replace them with something packawayable – which is DEFINITELY a word.)

So, in the end I’m still keeping both, but will probably end up ‘modding’ the standard, depending on how much the pegs irritate me, and if they rip through the exped I keep it in. To be continued…

2 Replies to “The Crucible. Of Fire Bowls.”

  1. Why would they do that? Would be great to have legs that could be detached but there’s always a risk that one might get lost. Perhaps someone back at HQ thought they were more stable or they’ve had issues with the foldable legs. Have you asked them? Very annoying though.

    1. I might drop them an email to ask about it. Such an annoying design flaw. Maybe they designed the XL afterwards? I read a blog where someone drilled out the existing pegs and put in some nuts & bolts and reverses them for storage, but still even that is a pain. grrr.

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