New Year’s Hootenanny

I’ve been working on an awesome project with the Brewood Bird Ringers and the Middle Earth Weavers – we’ve been making nesting baskets for Long Eared Owls. The hope is that the 15 baskets we make (to be installed at secret locations around the Black Country and South Staffordshire) will be taken up by Long Eared Owls. (There has been success in similar projects like this 1998 study which piloted this type of scheme!) The owls and their breeding success will then be monitored and ringed by the Brewood crew.

We’re making the nest baskets to order – 30cm x 15cm (this size is perfect for the owls and also enables the bird ringers to know when the owls are there as their ears will poke up above the rim!) and installing them before the bird breeding season, so the race is on to finish them all in time! (Each basket takes approximately 3 hours to make).

I’ll keep you posted on how the project progresses!

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