What does (Mad-Eye Moody) the Fox Say?

I had a Christmas Eve disaster. It didn’t involve drunken relatives, inappropriate seasonal shenanigans or even awful presents – it was camera failure on the Hogsmeade Badger sett. My plan was to get some great footage (as it’s been mild, there are signs of loads of activity at Hogsmeade!) and then take some stills, photoshop some artfully placed santa hats, and voila: Christmas blog post!

Alas, it appears that my batteries on both cameras ran out during the night. (At first I thought it may have been file corruption due to a Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop but I’m hoping not!). As a result of battery failure, I lost over ninety (that’s NINE ZERO!) 15-second video clips (29 on camera one and 66 on camera two) which I’m gutted about – as I’d even put out a little Christmas present of honey & peanuts for the badgers! Just think of all the peanut-munching footage lost forever!  However, before the batteries died, they did capture some pretty cool footage, so I do have something to show you! Not of badgers, but of foxes (After all, Foxes are a bit more christmassy anyway, right?)

So as you can see, pretty early on in the evening, the area was visited by a one-eyed fox, which, given the name of the location, I have called ‘Mad Eye Moody’. Moody proceeded to return to graze on the peanuts I’d left for the badgers for a good while, before a two-eyed (aka ‘Normal’) fox came by (and didn’t eat anything!).

Snapshot 1 (28-12-2015 13-39)

I did also get some rather irksome footage of a couple of thieving Jays.

We’ll never know what was on the 90 clips of footage later in the evening, but I suspect it will have been our badgers. Every trace of peanut and honey was gone by morning!

The plan now is to repeat the honey and peanut process with fresh batteries on Tuesday or Wednesday, weather permitting!


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