Getting Frozen #TeamAnna

Had an amazing day today with the ladies from the Middle Earth Weavers, as we froze our butts off at Aldridge Christmas Market in order to sell corn dolly Christmas decorations and white willow wreaths.  This time of year (as in, more than 2 weeks before Christmas) we make wreaths out of dried materials (pine cones, cinnamon, etc) and some artificial stuff (bells & ribbons) as using foliage usually makes for a drab looking wreath come December 25th. We also held a raffle to name our white willow reindeer, who we’re glad to say was won by an Aldridge family who chose the name Sprinter!


The market was populated by a giant giraffe, a minion, and the sisters from Disney’s Frozen. (We are all #TeamAnna as we don’t think much of self-absorbed princess Elsa. She has nothing on the feisty, smart and funny Anna – what is wrong with kids these days and WHY do all little girls want to be ELSA??!!?)

Anyway, here are some photos from today – hope you make time to get out and make some natural christmas decorations this season – SO much nicer than tinsel! You can also pop to the Arboretum in Walsall during xmas week as we’re doing reindeer making and wreaths (Will post the flyers at the bottom of the page!)

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