Eyes in the Dark

Argh I could kick myself! – My camera trap was set too high and I didn’t get the sett entrance in frame, but we definitely have found the main sett entrance.  First frame was at  6:07pm – not long after dark!  There was a bit of activity and general snuffling about until just before 7pm, when it went quiet.

Snapshot 2 (05-11-2015 11-07)

We picked up activity again at around 9.30pm for about 5 minutes, and then nothing at the sett  for the rest of the evening. Around the corner we picked up a badger passing by just before 10.30pm, then again two hours later.

The next step is to ascertain numbers – so I’ll be putting down some bait and focusing all three cameras on the sett entrance, hopefully on Friday night. After that we start casting our net further to see where the trails are leading, and where the badgers are foraging, but not before moving onto our next sett: Sunnydale.

Snapshot 1 (05-11-2015 11-06)


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