39 Rules for the Modern Human

Okay so in extreme irritation at Country Living’s recent (easily as recent as 1815) ‘39 Rules for Being a Modern Gentleman‘ (eg: ‘Avoids lilac socks and polishes his shoes’ or the flippin amazing ‘Tips staff in a private house and a gamekeeper’) and the Daily Mail’s awful response: ’39 Rules for Being a Lady’ (eg: #38: ‘Takes off her stilettos on other people’s parquet floors‘. yeah I like, totally identify with that. Right on, Libby – you’ve definitely got your finger on the pulse of the modern woman.) I felt that the only proper response was to come up with my own list.

So here you go.  Nigh on 41 years of wisdom, largely accumulated from making loads of stupid mistakes, engaging in fruitless efforts and time wasting.

    1. Surround yourself with your own tribe. (Whatever their race, creed or background – YOUR people).
    2. Do awesome things.
    3. Be excellent to each other.Bill-and-Ted-31
    4. Don’t sweat the small stuff (and EVERYTHING is small stuff).
    5. Spend your time as if it was a finite resource (It is!)
    6. Look at the world as if you’ve just come out of a tunnel.
    7. Notice the seasons.
    8. Turn towards. *The secret to long-lasting relationships!
    9. Read. *However, life is too short to finish a terrible book.
    10. Look up.
    11. Walk the Walk (Don’t just Talk the Talk)emerson
    12. Don’t hold on to hate/resentment – you are the only person you are hurting.
    13. Have adventures.
    14. Dance it out.
    15. Cook and eat actual food, that didn’t come in a box.
    16. Love hard, for as long as it lasts.
    17. Speak your words as hard as cannonballs. *RW Emerson
    18. Family and friends are the most important thing in life. bach
    19. Watch great movies, and great TV.
    20. Top-up. Wherever your energy comes from. The ocean, the woods, in the arms of your family – go there. Often.
    21. Live passionately.
    22. Live compassionately.
    23. Gung ho. (Work together)
    24. Buy decent shoes and look after your back.
    25. Forgive yourself.
    26. Share the sweets.
    27. Find your thing. (Or things – watch this awesome TED!.)
    28. It’s okay to get muddy.
    29. Cultivate a few skills for the apocalypse.
    30. Don’t feed the trolls.
    31. Push past your limits. Surprise yourself.
    32. Take responsibility for your health, your personal development and your happiness.
    33. Play. Whether it’s board games, xbox, volleyball – whatever. You should be having fun.
    34. Be nice to animals. We don’t have dominion over the Earth – we SHARE it with them.
    35. Try to see more sunrises and sunsets.
    36. Laugh more.
    37. Sleep well.
    38. Tell them you love them.
    39. Have good role models.


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