Great Glen Way, Day 5

A day of three landscapes.  Endlessly climbing (and endlessly beautiful) wide forest track, followed by rolling, sweeping open moorland interspersed with diverse woodland, followed by rich, verdant oak and beech woodland older than old. Hobbits live here, I swear.

Great Glen Way Day 5 Route

By far the lushness of the rich old oak and birch woodland was my favourite bit of the day, and made up for saying goodbye to Loch Ness and leaving behind our perfect camping spot.

Filling our water up from streams as we went, we wandered through what felt like the most diverse landscape we’d yet seen, and were happy to be making our way down to ‘civilisation’ at Lewiston, where we ate dinner in the pub! We also spent our only night in a ‘proper’ campsite and met someone doing something even crazier that we were – cycling from John-O-Groats to Land’s End! Spread out my tarp to dry and watched for more aurora, but our magical night was not to be repeated, and with the clear, cold night, the tent was soaked with condensation the next morning and we determined to make it to Inverness the next day for a shower and the chance to dry off our gear!

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