Great Glen Way, Day 4 (High Route)

“Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”
-Albus Dumbledore

Keep this in mind when you have to decide between the ‘Low Route’ and the ‘High Route’.  The High Route quite simply knocks your socks off. Amazing landscape, breathtaking views, a sense of discovery (sadly missing in days 1 and 2, glimpsed during day 3 and now seemingly in full swing!).

Great Glen Way Day 4 Route

I’m surprised looking at the elevation profile that the descent isn’t as steep as the ascent – I was cursing all the way down the hill! However my curses rang out through totally spooky Twin-Peaks-y kind of woodlands, and after having lunch in the amazing little bench (below) on the high moor, I was really buzzing with a sense of accomplishment. The walk down into invermoriston was, as I said, painful, and down in the village, though the little shop owners were lovely, the staff in the pub were (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt) probably not having a good day as they were a bit offish.

Stopping for lunch on the High Route

Still, nothing like two pints of Guinness and two packets of crisps (each!) to give us a second wind, and we trotted on out of Invermoriston with our eyes on the prize… Loch Ness.

I should take a minute to mention the FABULOUS Thomas Telford bridge (below) – I thought he only made stuff out of iron!  Who knew?!

Thomas Telford’s Bridge

Anyway, we walked parallel to the GGW route so that we could get down to the banks of the Loch, and found the most amazing spot to wild camp!  Clear skies and still water brought us our first ever glimpse of the Aurora Borealis and a visit from a curious otter!  Two bucket list items ticked off in one night!

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