Great Glen Way, Day 2


After waking up on the shores of Loch Lochy, we were keen to get started with the day’s walk, so Paul walked back to the water source and filled up our containers (a 3L Camelbak bladder and two 1L Sigg Bottles) we packed up early and followed the trail out onto the road. As you’ll hear in the video diary below, the trail is mostly forest track along the Loch, but you’ll encounter your first canoe rest stop (featured image above) – a perfect camping location. (These stops have toilets, and you can buy keys for these, but it’s worth remembering that as they are geared up for canoeists, they are not always on the same side of the Lochs as the GGW trail. I believe we passed 5 altogether, all before Fort Augustus.) There are also toilets at British (Scottish?) Waterways, for which you can also purchase a card. We didn’t bother getting keys for either. (Though by the time I got to Laggan I was desperate for a shower and would happily have parted with a tenner to use the one at Laggan Locks!)

Great Glen Way Day 2

Anyway, another relatively easy walk of just over 10 miles, with some nice views occasionally through the trees – but the pounding on rough-stoned forest track really took it out of our feet, and it sadly became a feature for much of the rest of the Great Glen Way.

Nothing quite like a magical green landscape with enormous trees, a floating pub with amazingly friendly staff, chatting all evening with other travellers and locals, and getting some tips on where to eat/drink in the forthcoming days. This was one of the highlights of the trip for me – check out the Eagle Barge Inn on Facebook!

The Eagle Barge, Laggan Locks
The Eagle Barge, Laggan Locks

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