Puttanesca Liqueur

A quickie for you – an easy peasy hedgerow vodka (or you can use rum, gin, etc, but if you really want the flavours of the fruits, use vodka – any old cheap stuff will do!)


Gather some hedgerow goodies (rosehips, cherries, sloes and elderberries are shown here but you can add crab apples, blackberries, raspberries or whatever you find!- I usually have a stash of stuff in my freezer that I gather throughout the year. Freezing is good because it breaks apart the bigger berries slightly so you don’t have to prick them all over with a fork, which can be quite laborious. This is the Puttanesca of hedgerow liqueurs! Here’s the ‘how to’ – just roll over the images. *I used 350g cherries, 150g sloes, 150g rosehips and 150g elderberries to about a litre of vodka and 200g sugar. I will add more vodka to this eventually, but it looks pretty all rammed into one jar!

Sadly, once beautifully layered and filled, you must now shake it up to distribute the sugar. (Sorry!) Shake once a week at least (or whenever you’re waiting for the kettle to boil) and it will be drinkable by christmas. You can keep tasting to add sugar/vodka as you like. As I said, I’ll split this up into two jars and add another 1/2 litre in a couple of weeks.

3 Replies to “Puttanesca Liqueur”

  1. A French friend of mine was horrified that I was using cheap supermarket vodka to make my fruit liqueurs. ‘You never know what is in it!’ Consequently she gave me two enormous bottles of home distilled eau de vie des prunes and keeps me supplied with the stuff for my annual batches of walnut liqueur (you ought to try it, it’s like a magic trick), sour cherry and this year blackberry for the first time. Here is a link to my blog post on making walnut liqueur.

    1. That looks amazing!! I must keep my eyes peeled for a walnut tree! I know what your friend means about the vodka, and I admit that I only use organic gin for my sloes, but I think unless it’s something special, or for a gift, you can usually get away with vodka. 🙂

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