Babybel Firestarters

So I’m sitting in the woods with my mate Helen, discussing how babybel wax must be able to be re-used for bushcraft/forest school purposes. (I’m about to do an 8-day hike to raise money for charity and planning on babybels being a part of my daily food! – you can sponsor me here!). A bit of googling, and lo and behold – the babybel firestarter!  Wish I had come up with it myself, but really loving this hiking hack anyway – here’s my first experiment, and how to have a go yourself: (Roll over the images for step-by-step instructions!)

To be honest you could use empty tea light cups or shells or acorns or any old thing to hold them in, and use them more like a candle – but these will be perfect fire lighters for my campfires! Here’s the video of how they burn:

Babybell fire starter #tw

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