Tiny Wood, Big Bats

Friday night was the third in a series of four woodland bat surveys that the Herefordshire Mammal Group are doing for us. The first was at Merrions Wood, the second was at Sutton Park, and the third at Cuckoos Nook & the Dingle. I was particularly excited about this survey as we knew virtually nothing about the bat species on site, as the woodland – you can see me talk more about the unique geology and flora of the site here on the 2011 Raising the Barr video – is a bit remote, and so the survey involved carrying LOTS of equipment over fields and down into the Dingle.

As well as Denise & David from the Herefordshire Mammal Group, and John from the Shropshire Bat Group, I was joined by @MelodyJoans @JakeLo65 @TeganFell @Scott_DPTG @WalsallHeaths and @ChaseRanger for a night of batty awesomeness.

In just a few hours of trapping we recorded six species: Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle, Whiskered Bat, Natterer’s Bat, Noctule and Leisler’s Bat. (Ultrasound recordings also picked up possible Brown Long Eared bats – we do know that these are in the valley as they are regularly in bat boxes at Merrions Wood.

I did a few instagram videos whilst out there surveying, so embedding them here for you to enjoy – brace yourselves for squee factor 10!

Whiskered bat from Friday's mist netting

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Noctule release #CNDBats #tw

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Noctule being handled by @jakelo65 #CNDBats #tw

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Next up is a return to Sutton Park in September, before planning an extension to the project for 2016.

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