The Moth Diaries

August and September mean moth season! The nights are once again short enough that it’s not too arduous to be out until a couple of hours after sunset, and it’s still warm enough that there are loads of moths on the wing. Moths can be found at any time of the year, but late summer is really peak season for moth trapping. This year we’re focusing on Shire Oak Park, Pelsall North Common and Barr Beacon, and we had our first night’s trapping at Shire Oak on Tuesday.

There were loads of moths, but in particular abundance were True Lover’s Knots. Quite a few new species for me, but my favourite has to be the Beautiful Yellow Underwing (below) – every bit as beautiful as it’s name suggests. The final list of moths is ongoing but I’ll publish it when the surveys are finished. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Moth traps vary and can be expensive kit to buy, but if you fancy having a go at moth trapping yourself, try hanging a white sheet in the garden around sunset, and placing a bright lamp/bulb next to it – Moths will land on the sheet!  As for how to identify them, you can pick up the book for around £12 or upload photos to ispot.

If you want to keep up with our moth surveys, follow my instagram and twitter feeds. Happy mothing!


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