I am a very lucky girl. I have spent most of the summer outdoors so far, and although I have my fair share of desk work, report writing and so forth, over the last few weeks I have mostly been surveying grasslands across Walsall before their late summer cut.  As a result, my instagram feed has been FULL of wildflowers in the last month, so I thought I’d share them with you. These are just some of the amazing range of wild flowers that Walsall has to offer, so why not get out into any uncut grassland or meadow to see if you can find some too? I’m hoping to catalogue a load of different grasses tomorrow, weather permitting, so stay tuned…

6 Replies to “InstaFlora”

  1. Hello Morgan, my monthly BeeWalks on Salisbury Plain are proving to be enjoyable. As well as the usual suspects we’ve been lucky to see B.humilis and recently at bit of a double-whammy B.soroeensis on Tuberous Thistle, Cirsium tuberosum.

    1. I’ve been looking for soroeensis around here but yet to find it – there are a couple of records – Shire Oak Park I think. So far humilis has eluded me in Walsall too. 😦 Would like to see some photos of your bee walks – so glad they’re going well! I would love to come tag along to one (good excuse to get down that way!).

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