Steve Backshall Touched My Elbow

So I was slurping my coffee yesterday morning, watching Sky News Sunrise as usual, when who should appear on my screen but Steve Backshall [@SteveBackshall]!

(I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that Steve once touched my elbow on the BBC Live and Deadly Roadshow in Birmingham. True story.)

Anyway, he was speaking very passionately to Eamonn Holmes about the #getoutside campaign, which states that 25% of Britons won’t walk anywhere over 15 minutes away! The campaign aims to address this issue and promote walking and generally fighting the couch potato syndrome sweeping the nation. (There is an interview with Steve HERE in which he talks about his involvement in the campaign – Black belt in Judo, Steve?!)

I was enjoying Steve’s interview, in which he was his usual animated, well-spoken self, and I was even tolerating the Eamonn Holmes’s vaguely ignorant, but generally bland and harmless questions, until Eamonn’s vacuous, deep-as-a-frisbee sidekick Isabel Webster chimed in with a real gem – even for her – that she couldn’t imagine popping out for a short run around London as she’d have to do her hair and makeup before even stepping outside!

THIS is the type of vanity and ignorance you’re facing, Steve. THIS is the mountain you have to climb.


It is not just children that are suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder – I actually think the deficit is more pressing and urgent in adults.  This disorder is highly contagious – and the only cure or prevention is a good dose of mud.  So get out there and inoculate yourself.

3 Replies to “Steve Backshall Touched My Elbow”

  1. I love walking… Though more in the summer than the winter. Have been enjoying the long evenings recently and using them to take an hour’s walk round my local park and canal area.

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