Hedge Over Heels

*You’ll probably notice that I’ve been consolidating a couple of blogs, and many of my basketry posts are now here.  I need to go through them and sort our feature images, etc., but please feel free to have a rummage through this year’s posts.

‘Tis the season for (amongst other things) basket making, as hedgerow materials are abundant during the autumn.  From Willow and Dogwood to Bramble and Ivy, there is a wealth of natural materials out there to be found, harvested and made into baskets.  I have been doing an intermediate basketry course recently, and we’ve been looking at coppicing / harvesting natural materials to make baskets.  Here’s a few photos of last month’s hedgerow basket (made from green, yellow and buff willow – the buff is bought willow, which I used to ‘tighten up’ the natural materials, which will shrink as they dry.

 Watch this space next week for tips on harvesting, preparing and storing natural materials for basketry…

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