Gritty British Soldiers…

photo (5)This stunning little jewel above is Cladonia floerkeana – Florke’s Cup Lichen (known also as the ‘Bengal Match Lichen’ – and apparently the American’s call it ‘Gritty British Soldiers’).  Found flowering on Barr Beacon today, I’m delighted that the Gritty British Soldiers are fruiting whilst our WWI war memorial is being restored. 🙂

photo (3)

Anyway, so this (above) is what I was doing – extending the cleared area where the tiger beetles were found last summer, and where the mining bees have taken up residence in the areas we cleared for them.  Even in the middle of winter my head is full of bees….  If you look below you can see a couple of remnant bee holes… Two more days and the nights start getting shorter, and we may have a winter still ahead of us, but the first bumble bees will be on the wing in 8-10 weeks…

photo (6)

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