Wasp of the Day: Norwegian Wasp (Hello, Dolly!)

This is the second of our ‘Dollies’ (Wasps in the genus ‘Dolichovespula).  The Norwegian Wasp is my favourite – Can’t really explain why, but it may have something to do with the fact that it was the first non-common wasp that I saw, and I was impressed by the largely dark abdomen and red flashes on her ‘hips’ (this is the second of two wasps with red on their abdomen, the first being the Red Wasp that I blogged about on Tuesday).  This species also has a dark line right down the middle of her clypeus (lower part of her face) dividing the yellow area into two halves.  It also has a yellow scape (as in Vespula rufa).

It can be seen from March – September, nests in trees and bushes.  Look for it on Blueberry and Snowberry.

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